Release: FEC Financial Disclosures Show Callis Has Strong Grassroots Support While Davis Relies on Corporate PACs


EDWARDSVILLE — With the official release of Federal Election Commission (FEC) financial disclosures today for the third fiscal quarter, the campaign of former Chief Judge and Congressional challenger Ann Callis noted how the reports show Callis has strong grassroots support while Congressman Rodney Davis relies on corporations and special interests.
“Today’s fundraising disclosures again show that Judge Callis is running a campaign fueled by individuals and families while Congressman Davis is overwhelmingly supported by the corporations and special interests that benefit from his voting record,” said Callis spokesman David Miyashiro.
Callis recently announced her strongest fundraising quarter of the cycle.

Key Takeaways from Today’s FEC Reports:

  • Congressman Davis has raised 60% of his total campaign money from outside political groups this cycle, while Judge Callis has raised just 19% of her funds from political organizations.
  • Judge Callis has raised nearly $100,000 more from individuals than Congressman Davis. While 80% of Judge Callis’ funds come from real people and not political groups, Congressman Davis only brings in 40% of his funds from actual people and donors.
  • Judge Callis has a strong grassroots support network, with 21% of her total money from the cycle coming from donors who gave less than $200.
  • Congressman Davis has now spent more than $50,000 wining and dining lobbyists and corporate donors in exclusive Washington steakhouses.