Release: Congressman Davis Gets Caught Lying About His Votes to Cut Pell Grants


EDWARDSVILLE — After months of former Chief Judge and Congressional challenger Ann Callis calling out Congressman Davis for breaking his promise and voting to cut Pell Grants for Illinois students, Davis has finally been caught lying about his votes to trick voters into giving him another term in Congress.
“While Congressman Davis continues to try to mislead students about his votes to cut Pell Grants, it’s clear his lies are finally catching up with him. Our recent face-to-face debates have exposed how Congressman Davis’ voting record does not match up with his talking points, and now even independent new outlets are pointing out his hypocrisy. As we near Election Day, I’m confident voters will continue to see Congressman Davis’ harmful record for what it is---dangerous for the middle-class," said Callis.
News-Gazette: Callis, Davis agree Obama's proposed coal rules too restrictive
By Tom Kacich
October 21, 2014
In last week's televised debate between Davis and Callis, Davis implied that he had not voted this year for Congressman Paul Ryan's budget plan that froze Pell grant funding for the next decade.
He pointed to a vote two years earlier, before he was a congressman and said, "That was a much different budget than the one that I supported that balances in 10 years."
In fact, the Ryan budget that Davis voted for last April — and which the House approved 219-205 — would have frozen Pell grants for the next 10 years. Pell grants are federal grants awarded to millions of college students every year.
Ryan admitted so in a House floor speech on April 8: "CBO says that the Pell grant is going bankrupt. It is going to face a fiscal shortfall in 2016 and every year thereafter. So instead of making all these Pell promises that the government has no way of keeping, the budget maintains the current Pell award, $5,730, throughout each of the next 10 years and funds it."
2012: Candidate Davis Said he did not Support the Ryan Budget
In 2012, when asked if he supported the Paul Ryan budget Davis answered, “No, I don’t support the Paul Ryan Budget, and I’ve never said I supported the Paul Ryan Budget. I think when you look at the Ryan budget as a whole, you know it’s got, it’s a good first start into a discussion on ensuring that we address many of the debt issues in this country and shoring up Social Security and Medicare, that’s what we have to do.”
[WILL Radio, time 40:15, 10/16/12]
2012: Candidate Davis Said He Would Increase Access to Pell Grants

Davis claimed he would increase access to Pell Grants and would not have supported the Ryan Budget that would slash funding for Pell Grants.

[The News-Gazette11/01/12]

2013: Congressman Davis Voted to Cut Pell Grant Eligibility by voting for Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget…
According to an analysis of the Ryan budget conducted by Insider Higher Ed: “The budget also calls for reversing changes to the grant’s needs analysis formula put into place in 2007, which expanded the number of students eligible for Pell Grants, in essence making fewer students eligible to receive them. It also revisits proposals put forward last year: using “fair value” accounting for student loans, which makes the program seem much less profitable for the federal government than it does under current accounting rules.” 
[Inside Higher Ed3/13/13]
…and Freeze Pell Grant Funding
In 2013, Rodney Davis voted for the extreme Republican budget for fiscal year 2014 that would freeze Pell Grant spending. According to an analysis of the Ryan budget conducted by Campus Progress: “Under the House Republican Budget, Pell Grants would be capped at the current level of $5,645 for 10 years, and eliminate all mandatory funding.” In other words, under Ryan’s plan, Pell Grants would not keep up with the pace of inflation and rising tuition costs, and would be worth less each successive year.
[Campus Progress3/12/13; HCR 25, Vote #88, 3/21/13]