Release: Callis Speaks Directly to Voters in New TV Ad


EDWARDSVILLE — Former Chief Judge and Congressional challenger Ann Callis today released a new television ad, “You.” In the ad, Callis speaks from the heart directly to voters about the choice they have in this election between a true public servant and a political insider who will do anything to protect his job. Callis slams Congressman Rodney Davis for his desperate attempts to distract voters by continuing misleading attacks on Callis’ family and judicial career.
The ad can be viewed here:
“I got into this race because I believe the people of our district deserve so much better than Congressman Davis and his harmful votes to shut down the government, block equal pay for women, and prevent raising the minimum wage. A Washington insider who has spent his entire life in politics, Congressman Davis will do anything to protect his job, which is why he is trying to distract voters with despicably misleading attacks on my family and judicial career. I want voters to know they don’t have to put up with Congressman Davis’ cynical politics, which is why I know they’ll help me hold him accountable in two weeks on Election Day,” said Callis.
A proven judicial reformer, Callis has made reforming Washington a central focus of her campaign, launching her Congressional Reform Agenda in response to Congressman Davis’ continued defense of taxpayer-funded perks, lobbyists on his payroll, and the “do nothing Congress.”


The ad will begin airing in Illinois’ Thirteenth District today. You can find more information on Ann’s record and values here:

The ad’s script is below:


(CALLIS): As a mom and a judge, in between putting bad guys in jail, I raised good ones. I want the best for them, and for you. That’s why I’ve focused on more jobs for Illinois and ending perks for politicians. But Rodney Davis is a politician who wants to protect his job, so he lied about my career and attacked my family. I’m Ann Callis. I approve this message because I think you deserve better. That’s the difference between us, and the choice in this election.