In Case You Missed It: Urbana Voter Accuses Congressman Davis of “Economics Illiteracy”


EDWARDSVILLE – Congressman Rodney Davis’ constituents continue to call him out for lying to voters about his terrible record in Congress. A letter to the News-Gazette from an Urbana man this weekend accused Congressman Davis of “economics illiteracy” in his attempt to justify his vote to cut Pell Grants. Unlike Davis, former Chief Judge and Congressional challenger Ann Callis has consistently supported increasing Pell Grants and would keep this promise if elected.
The letter in its entirety can be read below:
Fact-checking key service for voters
October 26, 2014
Thank you for Tom Kacich's "fact check" of claim versus counterclaim in the first Ann Callis-Rodney Davis congressional candidates debate: "Davis did, in fact, vote for a Pell grant freeze."
I hope to see more such "fact checks" of competing claims following candidate debates in The News-Gazette in the future. Candidate debates can't inform our voting choices very well if all we see is "he said/she said" and print media don't try to act as a referee, helping us evaluate whose story is more meaningfully accurate from our point of view.
As an economics and mathematics alumnus of the University of Illinois and someone who follows federal budget issues, I was disturbed to see Rep. Davis say that "only in Washington can zero growth be considered a cut."
Every economist, accountant, business owner and labor leader I know would consider a nominal freeze of any budget allocation, grant, contract payment, salary or wage when prices are rising to be a cut, because the purchasing power of the allocation is falling. To pretend otherwise is to play on economics illiteracy with word games.
If Rep. Davis truly believes his words, I strongly encourage him to pledge to freeze his own congressional salary in nominal terms for 10 years, as he voted to do to Pell grants. He and his family would have no cause for complaint, since his salary would not be "cut."